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25 Apr WORD

3#TEAMRAINXEM is a story of perfect timing. Up to this day, we still cannot believe how things have happened fast for us during the past 6 years. I am very much thankful that time allowed us to be exposed to different people (yes, even those who have wronged us) and opportunities that challenged us to be the best we can be all the time.

I guess that explains what this blog is all about – it is our way of giving back, the way time and the industry has been kind to us all these years. After all, life is all about expanding circles, learning from the good and the bad, and finding new inspiration to make amazing things happen. Yes, that is how we take on our styling jobs at RAINXEM — it is a mix of responding to a need married with a bag full of imagination. We will give you a peek of our crazy world, our thoughts, and our feelings and in return we hope you share yours too. Let us inspire and influence each other to make fabulous happen.





Rain and i used to do this on the side, just because it made us really happy. We’ve always read the cliche “do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”, but never actually thought that our lives are going to unfold that way.

And in this crazy thing that we do, we get a lot of questions (heck, i ask myself a lot of questions too) so this blog tries to show you how we do it and what we bring to the table. In the hopes of continuously learning from each of our own circles, we wish to impart what we’ve already learned through years of practice at styling, as well as give back to those who have taught us how to live our lives.

Let us continue pushing the envelope.

M xx

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