Team Rain x Em | RED CARPET REVIEW: MET GALA 2016 #ManusXMachina
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04 May RED CARPET REVIEW: MET GALA 2016 #ManusXMachina

See red carpet looks that caught our attention in the recently concluded MET GALA.

FASHION IN THE AGE OF TECHNOLOGY may seem easy to interpret but trust us when we say it’s harder than it sounds. Why? First you want to look chic, not like Mr. Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz. Second, how do you look like someone in the future in a contemporary fashion. Third, when you think of the future you immediately think of Silver – how do you stand out? Well I think these ladies and gents answered these concerns in a very clever way. Click on the gallery to know how they did it and why we like it (This is in no particular order).

Lupita Nyong'O

Rain’s thoughts: This look is surely not for everyone but I like it because how the hell did that top bun stayed in place the whole night. Second, she wore an unexpected color… She got me at that.

Em’s thoughts: This girl really knows how to sell dresses. Metallic, okay. Her hair made it more forward than the dress, so props to the entire styling team for making a total look that works.

Anna Wintour

Rain’s thoughts: A queen should look effortless and Vogue EIC Anna Wintour showed us to do it. While everyone else was screaming in silver here she is in a fringed column gown with gold wreath details from the house of Chanel. This may not necessarily be aligned with the theme but I am digging the regal vibes of this look.

Em’s thoughts: This is probably what i’d wear if i were going to the Met Ball. It is age appropriate and still very fashion forward, very fitting for a queen. How can one go wrong with Chanel?

Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid

Rain’s thoughts: [On ZAYN] Lovin’ this look on ZAYN – I see fashion forward and I still see a (hot) man. That is hard to pull off. [ON GIGI] – This is for me is a fresh interpretation of hot and chic at the same time. The reworked choker collar did it for me. [TOGETHER] #CoupleGoals

Em’s thoughts: Men who push the envelope are really very confident, and undeniably very sexy as well. I like how these two coordinated their looks. (Excuse me while i fix my boyfriend’s closet right now.)


Rain’s thoughts: This is condom chic done right. Thank you Givenchy.

Em’s thoughts: A very polarizing look, this condom couture. But thankfully, it was embellished and sculpted to perfection. Hair was kept clean and simple. Thumbs up for me. Bow down, bishes.

Alicia Vikander

Rain’s thoughts: This may not necessarily be the most amazing dress on the red carpet however, I see a cool girl and cool girl will always have a special place in my heart.

Em’s thoughts: Age appropriate dressing and this is The Met! So we can all go creative. Don't wanna go wear a long dress? This is the prefect event for that. Wanna how off some cool shoes? Go ahead. She looks like she’s having fun, and that’s the whole point!

Kendall Jenner

Rain’s thoughts: I really think Kendall is a very smart person for 3 reasons. 1. The dress she chose from Versace has details that spell D-I-V-I-N-E in all caps. 2. Ice blue is a clever alternative to silver. 3. She wore Versace when her entire family decked themselves up in Balmain. That’s all.

Em’s thoughts: Kendall knows what she has and works it. If i had that body too, i’d plan my dress’ cutouts like crazy so I'm sure my assets show. Nice touch of blue, and great hair and makeup choices too.

Cindy Crawford

Rain’s thoughts: Cindy Crawford taught us a thing or two on how to look HOT and RELEVANT at her age (#WearBalmain) and how a figure flattering dress does wonders on the red carpet.

Em’s thoughts: She never ages. She doesn't look like she’s even trying, but wows everyone still. Why? She shows the right amount of skin, while still proving that she still got game. This dress will work for all other red carpet events. Check, check, and check.

Emma Watson

Rain’s thoughts: The girl never fails – this time she wore a Calvin Klein dress made out of recycled plastic. This is Fashion in the Age of Technology ladies and gents! EMMA WATSON KILLED IT BECAUSE SHE IS AWESOME!

Em’s thoughts: She has a long-a** explanation of why her dress is awesome. But what i like about this is that her look is always CONSISTENT. She always looks classy and polished, and just made a dress for this event from PLASTIC. Hello. NORMAL. She’s Emma Watson. Maliit na bagay.

Brie Larson

Rain’s thoughts: Ladylike fashion and the future. #ItsSoFlirtyILoveIt!

Em’s thoughts: Love the fabric and love the tiers. Love the length too! I would have chosen strappy shoes but hey, it works! (I always think though, does this get itchy around the armpits? Haha)

Naomi Campbell

Rain’s thoughts: Naomi Campbell is the walking and talking model of the age-old saying that if you have it you should flaunt it. This may not necessarily be age appropriate but if you are the NAOMI and you can get away with it – you should get away with it!

Em’s thoughts: Okay, Naomi. I like the smile and the Darna cuffs. I think it’s great how she’s not trying to succumb to dressing like her peers (ie age appropriate dressing) but she still gets away with it because, heck, she still looks young. Enjoy it while you got it!


Rain’s thoughts: I always have a thing with red – carpet looks that feels (and looks) well thought of. The over-all styling was UH-MAZING and she is not wearing silver for crying out loud. She looks like a robot from another fashion planet and that is good.

Em’s thoughts: Her dress, admittedly, wouldn’t be a showstopper at The Met. But the team was going for a LOOK. Again, the hair and the eyes (and the metallic lips) were enough to push this look forward. It’s not just the dress, kids.

Emily Ratajowski

Rain’s thoughts: Alignment to Theme [NOT SO MUCH]. Figure flattering [CHECK]. Relatable [CHECK]. Overall styling [CHECK]. #AGoodPeg

Em’s thoughts: Snaps to the still cold Spring weather in NY. This dress looks okay, for me.

Ming Xi

Rain’s thoughts: The looks feels young and current. A good break from all the gowns we’ve seen on the red carpet. I am writing this as a Fashion Editor of Meg and I think a lot of Meg girls will like this look.

Em’s thoughts: Yes, yes, yes! It’s a fun dress and it’s very forward while the silhouette is also very now! Love everything about this look.

Claire Danes

Rain’s thoughts: BEST DRESSED. A gown in a classic cut that glows in the dark (see next slide). This is RED CARPET DRAMA DONE RIGHT by ZAC POSEN. #SJPShouldveWornThisDressInstead

Em’s thoughts: Propably the most instagrammed photo that night! It is a showstopper. I gotta read more on how it was done.

Claire Danes

Do you have your own best-dressed list? Tag us @teamrainxemhq and tell us your thoughts. Photos courtesy of
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