Team Rain x Em | ABOUT
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What started as a styling hobby got out of hand, fuelled by the passion of founders Rainier Dagala and Em Millan. The company was formally registered in September 2013.


Both with solid management backgrounds, founders have evolved to become full-time stylists, taking pride in presenting unique branding, thoughtful imagery and differentiated identity via clothing to each look created.


Rainier Dagala is concurrently full-time fashion editor for Mega & Meg Magazine.

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Rainier Dagala
Brand management was his first love, but transitioned to fashion through a stint as Publisher of some of the country’s leading glossy titles. Now, he churns out pages for leading fashion magazines Mega and Meg as Fashion Editor.
A fashion visionary, Rain loves to experiment, creating a put-together fashion-forward look with unexpected pieces.
Em Millan
Ten years of brand management experience, the latest post as a Digital Marketing Manager for a multi-national company, Em is finally doing what she loves best. (Other than traveling and drinking coffee.)
With a penchant for the refined, Em is forever a fan of clean lines, tailoring, and feminine details.